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Susan Reimer-Torn

There are few experiences as deeply rooting and transformative as forest bathing with Ami Jean. It opens and reorients her co-walkers to the world both within and without. When Ami scatters her boundary of rose petals on the path and suggests leaving all else behind, you are invited to a space where each step connects you to the ground ( and the ground of your being.) You become present by using your senses of hearing, seeing, feeling. Being effortlessly mindful in the forest opens each person to a personal insight. You see the world through different eyes: we stood transfixed by a porcupine climbing up a tree and later Ami shared the message of our "totem animal." The guided, breath-based meditation took me places which were at once profound and expansive.

Ami Jean makes this happen with her gentle expertise and attunement; she inspires trust in herself as a guide and in yourself as someone on a very special journey. This is an adventure that you will want to have at least once in every season. It is perfect, even in winter as we wait out Covid and will be helpful later as we transition back to the post-Covid world.    Susan Reimer-Torn


Emmanuel Proust

I was searching for a way to better my life,to come back to the basics and connect with the nature i once felt so close to as a child. I was a true novice regarding forest bathing and meditation walks, and even a little skeptical. Ami Jean gently and patiently showed me the way to let go and truly experience the woods. This experience became an honest endeavor that fills me, every time, with a sense of belonging to a greener world, a better world. I was full of pain and "real world" anxiety, but every walk I take with Nature Medicine of Massachusetts, calms and enlightens me in a way that no other activities have ever accomplished. So my advise is to open your hearts, embrace the experience and follow Ami Jean through the trail. After each walk I come home smiling and energized

~Emmanuel Proust


Arden Sundari Pierce

I feel a deep level of recovery and happiness after a guided session in nature with Ami Jean.
Ami Jean leads with a sensory perspective of the delicacy of nature, shows you how to connect more intimately, and you gain a profound sense of wellbeing in a short time, what it might take you a week on your own.
Ami Jean demonstrates deep curiosity and passion about wilderness, and shares intriguing stories and relevant science that will deepen yours too.
~ Arden Sundari

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