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Meet your forest guide

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Hello my name is Ami Jean Aubin. I am a Mindful Outdoor Guide, Naturalist and Wildlife Tracker. My journey began many years ago with a great awakening to the interconnected nature of our living world. I developed Nature Medicine as a kind of bridge between the community and the more then human world. My hope is to illuminate the healing properties that nature has to offer while accentuating the importance of gifting back to nature love and respect. My belief is that this reciprocity is what is needed to heal deep wounds created by our growing separateness from the natural world.


I am currently the Director of Education and Wellness at Adventure East where I create nature programming for both youth and adults.

At Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health I lead mindful outdoor programs including Archery, Kayak, Naturalist Walks, Guided Hikes and Nature Meditation.


My work connecting children to their forest communities happens at Wolf tree Programs. 

I am proud of the work being done within these three organizations and humbled to be included in these communities.

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